Land Development

In your business, you want to build great places quickly and maximize your return on investment. Whether you are redeveloping a brownfield or expanding a shopping center on the outskirts of town, you cannot afford costly delays.

With our holistic approach to supporting the design process, nuInventa provides solutions that are unique to the demands of complex projects. Avoid costly project delays, and in fact, add unforeseen value to your projects by capitalizing in nuInventa.

We offer services to help select sites, predict regulatory issues, infuse natural attributes in design, secure permits, and oversee construction compliance.

Transportation Infrastructure

At nuInventa, we are excited to be a part of improving transportation infrastructure. We understand the enormity and complexity of designing and building bridges, highways, airports, and sea ports.
Transportation projects not only leave a mark on our natural surroundings, they can impact people and neighborhoods. We embrace linking communities to advance economic vitality and safe mobility.

Our scientists stand prepared to conduct environmental impact studies, provide guidance on regulatory permitting, develop wetland and stream mitigation plans, and provide monitoring for stormwater compliance during construction. These are just a few of the skillsets we leverage to support projects.

Power and Energy

It’s a fact. We need better forms of power generation and reliable infrastructure to deliver energy where it is needed. We provide a full suite of ecological and environmental services to support power and energy projects. With nuInventa’s commitment to delivering client-centered solutions at the right time using the right teams where they are needed most, we provide the custom support required to energize projects and keep the momentum going.

Our teams support the alternative energy, oil and gas, and electric transmission industries. Engage nuInventa and learn how we put our clients and their success first with an eye on keeping impacts to our world in check.

Mining and Minerals

From gravel quarries to copper mines, our world needs a variety of raw materials to build the stuff we all need and enjoy. Extracting materials from the earth impacts vast amounts of land and can cause negative impacts on water quality and habitat. With foresight and proper management, mining operations can be conducted with minimal impacts to the environment.

nuInventa evaluates the ecological impacts of proposed mining operations, develops permitting strategies, and provides long-term regulatory compliance services. Dig in and learn how we help support the mining industries.

Conservation and Restoration

Conservation groups, parks districts, lake associations, and individual landowners strive to conserve natural places and restore those that need a little nurturing. Our ecologists and biologists have the tools and knowhow to establish prairies, enhance wetlands, and restore woodlands.

As society’s appreciation for natural places grows, people want to get up close and personal with nature. nuInventa can provide a vision for landscape design that incorporates unique site access and utilization that allows people to escape the buzz of daily life.